How User Error Can Lead to Data Breaches

When we imagine data breaches, we tend to see the hackers involved as being particularly skilled. They must have put in a lot of work to find a company’s security vulnerability.  And because hackers are really good at what they do, demand for cybersecurity is high.

Spotting Malicious Texts

What is Malicious Text? What should I watch out for? 
Be wary of simple random text messages that have unknown links attached in the body— especially from people you don’t know. According to some reports, “10 percent of all malicious emails sent today contain viruses, worms, ransomware, trojans, spyware, or adware.

How Malware Infects Mobile Devices

It’s currently common knowledge that email attachments are often used by cybercriminals to spread malware. The emphasis placed on email safety by cybersecurity professionals is a good one—and it should not go away.

However, email is not the only way in which you can become infected with malware such as ransomware.

Lack of Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry

According to a Q4 Black Book survey on healthcare organizations, “92 percent of the C-suite officers surveyed state that cybersecurity and the threat of data breach are still not major talking points with their board of directors.”

In addition, the same research survey finds that the total cost of a data breach for healthcare organizations is estimated to be around $2.2 million spread over a period of two years.

Cybercrime and Small Businesses

Is Cybercrime a Problem for Small Businesses?
When you think of cybercrime attacks, it’s natural to focus on high-profile cases. In such events, a lot of money is spent on recovery efforts by the victims, and the general public is impacted due to the loss/theft of data.

Taking a Closer Look at Private Hosted Cloud

One of the most confusing IT technologies out there right now is the cloud. Of the different cloud terms that have been used, “private hosted cloud” seems to be the vaguest.

If we can understand what a “private hosted cloud” is, the other cloud technologies should become more clear.

Office 365 vs. Sharepoint

Like many business, when it comes to choosing an employee collaboration platform many deciding factors play apart in choosing like budget, compatibility, and ease of use for the business. 

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Sharepoint are the two of the collaboration platforms that business seem to choose but which one is the best fit or you and your company? Upgrading to either program, always comes with pros and cons that can help determine if the program will be beneficial and the right fit for the company.

Ransomware in the News

How widespread is ransomware currently? Who has been affected by it?

In this post, we’ll highlight ransomware cases that have hit the news lately. 

If you don’t know what ransomware is, it’s basically a form of malware that encrypts the victim’s files and locks access to their computer until a sum of money is paid.

Security Options for Remote Workers

With the popularity of remote working on the rise, it’s normal to wonder about how you’re going to keep your company data secure. After all, companies and IT teams haven’t needed to deal with nearly as many remote workers in the past. In terms of technology, we live in a new age.