Protecting Your Data From Malicious Software

There are many cybercriminals out there using malicious software to try to take advantage of your company. Basic education on malicious software is key to protecting your company data from being stolen or wiped clean.
What Is Malicious Software?
Let's start with the essentials.

Why Does Technology Break?

Despite the preventative efforts made, some of your company’s computer technology (a.k.a. information technology, or IT) will eventually break or malfunction. Whether that’s your Wi-Fi no longer providing internet access, or a program on your computer freezing, the feeling we have about this is the same:
Why is my IT breaking?
To understand why IT breaks, we need to update our understanding of IT.

On the outside, computer technology appears simple.

5 Ways Cloud Backup Saves Money

While cloud backup services aren’t the right fit for every company, there are real advantages to backing up to the cloud rather than using traditional backup technologies. Some of those advantages can be linked to your finances.

Here’s 5 ways that cloud backup solutions can save you money.

Slow Company Internet—Is It the WiFi, or Your Internet Provider?

Slow internet is dreadful. When we’re at home, it’s only a minor annoyance. However—as you know—slow internet for a business can lower productivity and employee morale.

BYOD (bring your own device to work) is becoming very trendy, and as your company expands, your Wi-Fi network infrastructure may no longer be able to support the number of connected devices.

Taking Disaster Recovery Simulation Seriously

If your company has a disaster recovery (DR) plan, that’s better than nothing. However, many businesses will stop here—which is unfortunate.
Reality Is Unpredictable
While a disaster recovery plan may look good on paper, reality may play out completely differently.

Do I Need to Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Windows 7 is now a decade old—having gotten its start in 2009. Considering its age, it’s still popular, being used on 39% of all PCs according to Netmarketshare.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is laying Windows 7 to sleep. On January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will no longer receive security updates, or patches, to improve the service.

How to Choose a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Outsourcing your IT needs to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep up with with the growing business technology needs within your company.

An MSP can manage some or all of an organization's IT needs. They can be thought of as your own internal IT team—without being as expensive as in-house IT staff.

Why Your Business Needs Email Encryption

Information and data stored in your emails is highly sought after by cyber-criminals. The defensive measures in place by your email services, like Gmail or Outlook, tend to not be strong enough to stop the most persistent of hackers from reading your emails.

What is IT Business Continuity?

40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster. Another 25 percent fail within a year later.

IT downtime costs business an average of $1.55 million and 545 hours in staff productivity per year.

Those are troubling statistics, considering 48 percent of small businesses lack a business continuity plan.