artificial intelligence and production lines

Applying AI to the Manufacturing Industry

Over the past few years, the manufacturing industry has benefited by using cyber-physical systems to make production lines more efficient. By using artificial intelligence,

malicious texts and business

Spotting Malicious Texts

What is Malicious Text? What should I watch out for?  Be wary of simple random text messages that have unknown links attached in the

malware and mobile devices

How Malware Infects Mobile Devices

It’s currently common knowledge that email attachments are often used by cybercriminals to spread malware. The emphasis placed on email safety by cybersecurity professionals

cybercrimes and small business

Cybercrime and Small Businesses

Is Cybercrime a Problem for Small Businesses? When you think of cybercrime attacks, it’s natural to focus on high-profile cases. In such events, a

microsoft office 365

Office 365 vs. Sharepoint

Like many business, when it comes to choosing an employee collaboration platform many deciding factors play a part in a company’s IT strategy choosing

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