Choosing Between Hyperscaled and Hyperconverged

Choosing Between Hyperscaled and Hyperconverged

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Choosing Between Hyperscaled and Hyperconverged

For every small business owner, choosing the right storage system can be quite challenging. In today’s world, there are two very common storage architectures that are in the forefront – hyper scaled and hyper-converged. They each have a number of similarities as well as differences, both of which play a significant role in that all-important decision making.

The Scoop About Hyperscaled

This innovative environment separates storage and application compute allowing for individual scaling. It is a storage architecture that uses a defined software approach to leverage commodity servers by scaling the specific resources required for storage and application compute separately. As the need for storage increases, businesses are able to add servers to their storage platform, thus expanding its storage capacity all separate from the application compute platform. Likewise, when there is growth in computing needs, companies are able to add servers to accommodate those additional needs again independently from that of the storage platform.

For small businesses that need flexibility in meeting, independently, the varied data demands in compute or overall storage capacity, the hyper-scale environment is typically the architecture of choice. With that said, Google and Facebook are two companies that give favor to the hyper scaled infrastructure.

The Small Business Advantages of Hyperscale

The hyper-scale approach offers small businesses flexibility to respond to constantly changing data storage and application needs while minimizing the level of human interaction that is needed to operate an effective data center. Further, this cost-effective computing environment helps small businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure and meet their goals of being more cloud-like.

The Insight on Hyperconverged

A system designed with a hyper-converged infrastructure integrates, or combines, both storage and application compute into one unit that can be scaled out by simply adding more units together. This state of the art environment serves to integrate software compute and software storage to maximum capabilities. Both the storage scale and compute application progress together from one level to the next, unlike the hyper scaled architecture that progresses separately. The hyper-converged system can be designed to use software with your very own server or small businesses can choose to invest in pre-assembled solutions if they prefer.

Small Business Advantages of Hyperconverge

The benefits of a hyper-converged architecture are many, including reduced storage costs, enhanced performance, and the ability for small businesses to create their own self-contained software environment that allows for simpler development and ongoing testing

Trust the Pros At CorCystems, Inc.

Here at CorCystems, Inc., our team of highly skilled IT specialists and professionals is on hand to help business owners with all their storage and compute application needs. In many cases, a combination of both hyper scaled and hyper-converged environments allow for business owners to meet their fluctuating application needs by mixing and matching the two infrastructures so as to allow for functionality together under one management system.

We are steadfast in our efforts to ensure that we provide all our valued clients throughout Connecticut and New York with the highest level of flexibility and resources they need to meet the demands of their current and future data requirements. It is our primary goal to help small business owners increase their data efficiency, and, over time, simplify management with a whole new level of scalability.

Be sure to reach out to the dedicated team here at CorCystems, Inc. for all your storage and compute application needs. Our team of professionals possesses top of the line technology and data center experience and is equipped to provide you with the insight and support you need.

Give a shout out to one of our dedicated IT specialists today and schedule a free consultation. We look forward to our every opportunity to serve you and to provide you with premier IT solutions that will simply not be matched by any of our competitors. Don’t delay. Contact our team today!

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