Employee Spotlight – Patrik Kiss, Service Technician

Employee Spotlight – Patrik Kiss, Service Technician

At CorCystems, we believe our employees are the foundation of our success. We are excited to introduce one of our top performers, who brings a wealth of experience and passion to the job.

Meet Patrik, who has a deep passion for technology and learning new tools and methods. With a background in sales and hospitality, Patrik brings a unique understanding of client needs and a talent for identifying solutions that work best for them.

Patrik finds the endless amount of skills and knowledge he gains on the job to be the most rewarding aspect of his work. He values working with the people around them, who contribute to his daily growth and development.

As part of the CorCystems team, Patrik has contributed to several notable projects and accomplishments. Every new project, incorporating new technologies for clients, becomes memorable as Patrik continues to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

Outside of work, Patrik enjoys spending time with family and friends, discovering new recipes, and cooking together. In his free time, Patrik takes on personal projects, including aerial photography, coding, and tinkering with computer-related processes.

Patrik lives by the motto “Be a yardstick of quality.” For him, any quote from Steve Jobs is a favorite to live by.

The most challenging aspect of the job, for Patrik, is tackling new and unfamiliar problems. But by defining and clarifying the issue, creating a plan, and executing it, he has honed his problem-solving skills.

Patrik is excited to travel back to Hungary to visit relatives and take some personal time. And, while most people may not know it, Patrik has a hidden talent for restoring and fixing old items, particularly old pieces of hardware or computers from the past.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know Patrik. We’re grateful to have such a talented and innovative employee on our team, driving our success forward.