Litchfield County IT Management Services

Your Reliable IT Company for 24/7 Support & Monitoring

CorCystems, Inc. is your trusted company for providing comprehensive management services to all our Litchfield County businesses and those in the surrounding towns. Our top-rated management services assist businesses with their computer network, hardware, software and IT needs. Regardless of the size of your business, our dedicated team of experts is on hand to provide those companies looking to outsource their IT needs with our specialized IT management services. We also offer specialized services to assist in-house IT teams as well.

Our IT Services in Litchfield County include:

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Internal IT Team Support

We provide support to your internal IT department with services and solutions that complement your in-house team and policies. Our support is provided on an as-needed basis for your Litchfield County business and affords you the best of both worlds.

Backup & Security in Litchfield County

We all know full well how complicated and complex IT threats are today. Whether a small business or a large business, IT threats are a concern for all. With that said, the team here at CorCystems, Inc. is fully aware of the impact IT threats and hacks can have on your business which is why we are committed to providing effective tools and resources needed to protect and manage your Litchfield County business network and all your data. From data backups and restoration needs to security solutions and disaster recovery efforts, our team handles it all.

Our Backup & Security Solutions Include:

  • Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery
  • Antivirus & Malicious Software Protection
  • Email/Spam Protection
  • Wireless & Mobile Device Management
  • Access Control Protocols
  • Web Navigation Management
  • Cyber Security Training
  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Content Filtering

Cloud Services in Litchfield County

Whatever type of cloud computing services you use, one thing is certain: large quantities of data will move back and forth between your end users and the cloud provider's data centers, over the internet. That's why whatever type of cloud services you use, CorCystems can help your organization have a better cloud experience and reap greater benefits from your cloud services investment.

Our Cloud Services Include:

  • Hosted applications like Office 365 Email, Sharepoint, Skype and the full Microsoft Office Suite
  • Hosted dedicated servers where your data is held privately and securely
  • Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Custom Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

Network Support in Litchfield County

Our expert team at CorCystems, Inc. provides prompt, professional Network Support Services for businesses of all sizes in Litchfield County . We utilize innovative tools, applications and support platforms to identify and remediate any network problems and are committed to resolving your every problem before they can turn into costly and more serious issues.

Network Support Services We Provide Include:

Strategy (VCIO) in Litchfield County

Are you looking for the expertise of a Chief Information Officer for your Litchfield County business, but are not looking to hire full time? CorCystems, Inc. can help. Our Virtual Chief Information Officers (VCIO) is an expert in the field, as well as an affordable alternative to navigating your company and helping you find areas of improvement.

Our VCIO Services include:

  • Review executive level reviews of your technology
  • Routine business process meetings to understand how your business works and how we will keep you up-to-date
  • IT Technology Review
  • IT Budgeting/Planning Services
  • IT Inventory Management & Documentation
  • IT Cost Management
woman with laptop

VoIP Phone Services in Litchfield County

In addition to the many services above, we here at CorCystems, Inc. also offer our valued business clients a reliable Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. This effective phone system can be scaled to meet the individual needs of your Litchfield County company and staff and provides you with all the flexibility and control you need at a very affordable cost. Our certified specialists offer all the IT support you need for your new VoIP phone system.

Our VOIP Services Include:

  • Telecom and Data Circuits
  • Cloud Hosted Phone Systems
  • Avaya Phone Systems
  • Altigen Phone Systems
  • Monthly Expense Review and Reduction

Litchfield County's Trusted IT Management Company

CorCystems, Inc. has been recognized time and time again as your go to company for all your IT management service needs. We provide all our valued Litchfield County clients with the highest quality, comprehensive IT management services this side of New York and regardless of the size of your business stand ready to meet your every need. To learn more about our company and specialized IT management services,call us today.

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