We at CorCystems, believe in partnering with you to provide technology solutions that drive revenue and growth while reducing expenses and risk.

Our strategic approach of applying and measuring best practices will ensure that your business is constantly fine-tuned and your executive team can rely on expert advice that has been time tested and proven across industries.

Our VCIO services are included in our managed services offering. Every client, regardless of size receives personalized attention that includes:

  • Routine executive level reviews of your technology
  • Routine business process meetings to understand how your business works and ensure we are keeping up
  • Technology budgeting
  • Inventory management and documentation
  • Knowledge management

CorCystems will prepare a plan for you to eliminate surprises. We will properly prioritize projects and create a strategic roadmap for your organization. Contact us today to have us provide you a predictable technology future.

Have you found that you need the expertise of a Chief Information Officer to help you make strategic decisions on how to leverage technology to meet your unique business goals, but aren’t ready to commit to hiring a full-time executive to fill that need?

We offer a low-cost, high-value alternative that allows you to move confidently forward toward your brightest future.

Layer this service on top of our Ideal IT support plan to magnify the value even further by combining the value of a vCIO with our outsourced IT department, whose proactive efforts will help you maintain peak efficiency, while our project team can ensure the projects in your Strategic Roadmap are completed on time and on budget.