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Recruiting new members to your country club is more important, and more difficult, than it has ever been. The number of golfers in the U.S. dropped by almost one-fifth from 2003 to 2013, according to the National Golf Foundation. Old strategies are no longer good enough.

Many of your current and potential members are business people, and they’re busier than they’ve ever been. In order to attract new members, you need a country club environment that is convenient for them and meets their needs. When it comes to developing computer-related needs, CorCystems Managed IT Services’s managed IT solutions are just what you need.

How CorCystems Managed IT Services Can Help Your Country Club

We can help set up Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your country club property. In addition, we can help brainstorm and install technology for custom business facilities, allowing business to be conducted at the club. Business facilities can range from small to large, even including the potential to hold conferences and seminars.

If your country club has shops of any sort, we can monitor their IT infrastructure and provide help desk support 24/7. In addition, we can provide advice on what software or solutions may be useful to lower the costs or difficulty of operating your country club.

Supervising the Development of Family-Friendly Amenities

Many country clubs are now considering amenities that are more family friendly—such as playgrounds, water parks, or day care centers. When computer technology is connected to such amenities, CorCystems Managed IT Services can supervise development from the technology side to keep costs as low as possible, while keeping reliability high.

CorCystems Managed IT Services include:

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