FFIEC Risk Assessment & Management

FFIEC compliance is conformance to a set of standards for online banking issued in October 2005 by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council.

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FFIEC Guidelines

FFIEC establishes consistent guidelines and uniform practices and principles for financial institutions. FFIEC guidelines provide financial institutions with expectations for compliance.

Our managed IT solutions provide us a reliable approach to securing financial institutions and those who must adhere to the strict FFIEC guidelines surpasses the minimum required. We believe in building secure environments that everyone enjoys working in knowing that they are safe and reliable. 

FFIEC Risk Management

Regulatory compliance is a key factor in reducing organization risk, putting the responsibility on federal regulators to update their guidelines for each industry and establish objective benchmarks for compliance. FFIEC has been created by five of the US’s top regulators to minimize the financial impact of cyberattacks and potential operational losses from cyberattacks.

With a common language and standards being used across the industry, FFIEC compliance provides companies with cyberprotection. The first step being their publically available Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, which approaches cybersecurity in an organization in two ways:

  1. Determining a company’s Inherent Risk Profile
  2. Identifying a company’s preparedness with Cybersecurity Maturity assessment

While normally a company’s CFO is typically assigned to financial compliance oversight, we’re increasingly seeing company CIO’s collaborating to mitigate cybersecurity risks as much as possible.

Let us demonstrate how our consultative approach to evaluating your environment and guiding you in making educated decisions by proper planning and process development will elevate your business. 

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