CorCystems’ Co-Managed IT Offering allows businesses with Internal Teams to bring in only the additional resources you need to make your IT team more efficient.

Using CorCystems proven tools and industry best practices we allow internal IT Teams to leverage our industry experience to start to manage their own networks in a fashion they never had time to do before. Utilizing our VCIO technology reporting process allows company owners and management teams to have a better understanding of the technology needs of their organization which allow for better planning and budgeting. In today’s world of internet security, not having trained professionals clearly outlining a plan and implementing a multi-layer approach to network security leaves your organization in a very vulnerable place.

If you feel your companies’ Internal IT Team is….
  • Limited in size and or experience
  • Overworked and has a difficult time taking time off
  • Lacking the manpower to finish corporate technology goals in a timely manner
  • Not educated or certified in industry security best practices to properly protect your organization to today’s threats of Ransomware and other malware.

CorCystems is here to help!