PCI Compliance Management

PCI compliance means consistently adhering to a set of guidelines set forth by the PCI Standards Council. PCI compliance is governed by the PCI Standards Council, an organization formed in 2006 for the purpose of managing the security of credit cards.

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PCI Compliance

Organizations handling credit card transactions must adhere to a set of strict rules that ensure the safe handling of credit card information including:

  1. Analyzing your compliance level
  2. Filling out self-assessment questionnaires
  3. Making necessary changes
  4. Finding a provider that uses data tokenization
  5. Completing formal attestations of compliance
  6. Filing the paperwork

CorCystems Managed IT Services provides security compliance as a service to help your small business avoid and run-ins with a patchwork security infrastructure. By regularly consulting with our managed IT solutions to plan and establish system processes and procedures and following industry standard best practices which incorporate security guidelines that will clearly demonstrate compliance requirements.

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