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no TWO companies are the same

CorCystems, Inc. provides tailor-made IT solutions to each and every one of our clients. That’s because we know your business has unique needs and challenges that must be addressed. Simply put, cookie cutter technology might help, but it won’t be the most effective solution. Much like a doctor will ask a patient questions and examine them to find the root cause on an ailment, we too will take time to understand your business and figure just what exactly it needs. Some of the businesses we help include:

Serving Industries Throughout Connecticut
& New York

Whatever industry you are in and whatever the size of your business, CorCystems can help. We’ll equip your company with a tailor made IT solution that will increase efficiency and profits while decreasing your stress levels. 

CorCystems Managed IT Services has clients, large and small, in both Connecticut and New York.

From reliable Wi-Fi network connectivity for guests’ satisfaction to privacy compliance protocols for government regulation, the CorCystems Team has the experience and expertise to let you and your teams d

Since 2000, CorCystems has offered IT services that provide efficiency, scalability, and security, all at affordable prices. Our healthcare clients range from assisted living centers and nursing homes, to dentist offices and diagnostic testing centers.

If you’re a small or medium-sized healthcare business, we can play a primary role in managing your IT. However, if you’re a large business with a lot of ground to cover, we prefer to work collaboratively with your internal IT department.

Small and medium-sized businesses require expert advice and support from true IT professionals so that they can manage their core business. Often times, both resource and budgetary constraints may compromise that luxury.

For most small business IT support, the investment in constant training and supporting of a full-time IT support specialist far exceeds the business need. The CorCystems Team removes that burden and provides skilled professionals to provide your business with exceptional care to insure all systems are installed and maintained effectively and efficiently, resulting in constant up-time.

To increase the efficiency of your business, we can help automate key IT processes, build scalable IT infrastructure, and integrate systems to help reduce error. No matter what industry you’re in—consumer distribution or commercial construction, or flooring manufacturing—CorCystems can be the Managed Service Provider to help your business succeed.

To help retain customers, we can further build out your customer or supplier systems to be more consistent and easy-to-use. For your IT budget, we can help minimize fluctuations in spending, prioritize proper spending, and reduce unnecessary expenses. In addition, we could help reduce your need to hire in-house IT employees. By outsourcing your IT services to CorCystems, you’re allowing staff more time to focus on high-value tasks. With our 24/7 monitoring and help desk support, the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure starts to become our responsibility.

Wi-Fi connectivity is an important value-add for your members. We can help set up a reliable Wi-Fi networks throughout your country club property. In addition, we can help brainstorm and install technology for custom business facilities, allowing business to be conducted at the club. Business facilities can range from small to large, even including the potential to hold conferences and seminars.

You’re great at your trade. We’re great at ours. Outsourcing your IT services will allow staff more time to focus on high-value tasks. With our 24/7 monitoring and help desk support, CorCystems will be there to help solve any IT problems that occur.

HVAC repair companies, commercial flooring contractors, or architecture firms… CorCystems has done it all! To increase the efficiency of your business, we can manage new hardware and software acquisition from beginning to end. Where you need your IT resources to be flexible, we’ll build it to be that way.