Introducing Sabrina Brereton: Our Accountant and Outdoor Enthusiast

Introducing Sabrina Brereton: Our Accountant and Outdoor Enthusiast

We’re excited to put the spotlight on Sabrina Brereton, one of our dedicated accountants at CorCystems. Sabrina discovered her love for accounting after starting her career in operations and quickly realized she wanted to focus solely on this ever-changing field. Her problem-solving skills and commitment to continuous learning make her an invaluable member of our team.

Embracing Challenges and Creative Problem-Solving

Sabrina finds the most challenging aspect of her job to be closing the month, as the process requires a certain order and can be tricky if one step is held up. Nevertheless, she enjoys learning new things and finding creative solutions to problems.

At CorCystems, Sabrina loves working with her supportive team, which encourages each other to think outside the box and explore innovative solutions. This collaborative environment fosters personal and professional growth, and it’s one of the reasons she enjoys coming to work every day. Sabrina is also enthusiastic about the company’s direction, as CorCystems consistently strives to push industry standards by staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the changing landscape of technology and business.

A Memorable Project: Improving Work-Life Balance

One memorable project for Sabrina was collaborating with the finance department to develop a system for tracking after-hours work. This initiative was crucial to better understand and manage the time spent by team members working beyond their regular hours, ensuring fair compensation and work-life balance. Sabrina played an essential role in gathering input from various departments, analyzing the data, and designing an efficient system that made the process seamless. This project highlights her knack for problem-solving, which she approaches with a simple and straightforward mindset: “There’s a solution for almost everything.” By staying positive and focused, Sabrina tackles challenges head-on and contributes significantly to the success of CorCystems.

Exploring the Great Outdoors and Sabrina’s Unique Talents

Outside of work, Sabrina’s hobbies include traveling to New Hampshire for hiking and kayaking in the White Mountains. Her favorite hike to date is the Mount Lafayette & Franconia Ridge Trail Loop, which she completed in late September. She also enjoys teaching horseback riding and helping others achieve their personal goals in the sport, having started riding herself at the age of three.

Sabrina lives by the motto: “Find something good in every day.” She has several travel destinations on her bucket list, including Switzerland, St. Lucia, and Banff National Park. A unique talent of Sabrina’s is her ability to snap her fingers with her index finger, which is not something you see every day. Additionally, she has a passion for outdoor adventures, including snowmobiling and ATV riding—activities that might surprise those who don’t know her well!

We’re thrilled to have Sabrina as part of the CorCystems family, where her passion for accounting, problem-solving skills, and zest for life contribute to our team’s success every day.