Backup & Security

Protect yourself and your company from threats

IT threats come from all sides and are growing in number and complexity. Protecting your company and its valuable assets from risk is CorCystems, Inc. top priority. Hardening network perimeters and providing a complete security solution for all tiers of a network is essential to keeping out the bad guys.

CorCystems, Inc. understands the evolving atmosphere of client data and security threats. We manage your network focused on keeping your data secure and uncompromised. Our extensive network security is designed to let you work unhindered while preventing access to outside threats. Reducing risk to your business is accomplished by regularly applying best practices and evaluations that ensure a safe and secure computing environment. Our solution utilizes various techniques and technologies including :

  • Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Antivirus & Malicious software protection
  • Email/spam
  • Wireless & Mobile Device management
  • Access Control protocols
  • Web Navigation management

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