Cyber Security & Threat Protection

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IT threats continue to grow, with hackers becoming more creative and innovative with their methods. Providing a complete cybersecurity solution is key to protecting your company. The protection of your company’s assets from threats is our biggest priority.

Protecting your Network from Threats

At CorCystems Managed IT Services, we understand the evolving network security needs brought upon by the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. We’ll put security measures in place to help prevent malicious, unauthorized access into your network. Utilizing a security as a service reduces the overall risk to your business by implementing policies & procedures that ensure a safe & secure network.

Types of Cybersecurity Threats

Hackers continue to add new tools and methods to their cyberattack arsenal. CorCystems Managed IT Services implements solutions that help protect you from the main types of cyberthreats. These cyberthreats are:

Social Engineering

The process of manipulating people into performing actions (e.g. installing malware) or giving away information. The most common form of social engineering is phishing, where the hacker pretends to be a reputable organization offering help or services

APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats)

When an unauthorized user accesses a network long-term, stealing valuable data while not visibly harming the network.


Software that is designed by hackers to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. One particularly nasty type of malware attach—a ransomware attack—denies access to a computer (or network) until a ransom is paid.

Providing Support for Businesses and Internal IT Teams

We take pride in serving businesses throughout the Greater Ridgefield area, including Connecticut and New York. Regardless of the size of your business—or the existence of internal IT teams—we can provide you with the support you need with our managed IT solutions. Educating your company employees and IT staff about cybersecurity can also be an important aspect of our services.

Cybersecurity & Threat Protection For Every Business

Our solutions utilize various methods and technologies including:

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Cybersecurity threats are a serious risk to the continuity and success of your business. The good news? You can rest easy with the knowledge that CorCystems Managed IT Services is protecting your business. Since 2000, our team of cybersecurity experts has successfully helped dozens of Connecticut and New York businesses. Our team is ready and waiting for your call—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reach us at (203) 431-1341.