Datto Backup & Security

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Providing Disaster Recovery with Data Backup and Security

By using Datto data protection platforms, CorCystems Managed IT Services can help deliver uninterrupted access to your data on-site, in transit, and in the cloud. We provide both implementation, maintenance, and 24/7 support as part of our comprehensive managed IT solutions and security compliance as a service to keep your business running efficiently with Datto services.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Keeping Critical Business Data Safe

Be connected and secure, and in the case of any disasters, instantly restorable with Datto’s premium backup disaster recovery software solutions. You’re provided with agile ransomware protection, secured highly-performing networks, business continuity solutions for physical and virtual systems, and protection of critical cloud-hosted applications for businesses and sensitive, internal local data.

Advanced Imaging Solution for Business Continuity

Using Datto’s SIRIS 2, we have the software and hardware technology to provide instant local and off-site virtualisation and mage-based backup. We can help provide your business with top-of-the-range solutions to keep it running smoothly despite critical setbacks. Datto security and backup technology ensures that your company can successfully access and control data, while preventing data loss from external threats.

Benefits of using Datto technology

Why Contact an MSP First?

In an IT emergency, it’s not unusual for a company to want to reach out to Datto directly, especially if a non-IT person is managing the situation. (“I know we use Datto. Let’s call Datto.”) But in the majority of cases, your best bet is contacting your managed service provider – the people who you’re already paying to manage your data-protection solutions.

Here’s why contacting your MSP is important:

  • Your MSP knows you, your business and your IT environment. They have a far deeper understanding of your network infrastructure, your hardware and the software running on it.
  • In other words: they are familiar with the exact conditions in which your Datto appliances and/or DRaaS solutions operate. This knowledge is crucial to a speedy resolution of the problems you’re experiencing.
  • A skilled Datto support technician can of course gather all the necessary information for resolving your problem. But that will require extra time that you probably don’t have. Your MSP will already have that information and may know the solution before you’ve even finished explaining the problem.
  • Your MSP is also well acquainted with the most common errors and known issues that could be affecting your systems. (That probably doesn’t specifically include a hockey pock lodged into the backup device, but it could include known issues caused by physical damage to Datto’s hardware, for example.)
  • Your MSP may not always have the answer immediately, but they can get it—probably much faster than you can—by contacting Datto tech support themselves. Datto’s support teams, which the company refers to as Direct to Tech™, are trained extensively to support the MSPs who manage Datto’s products for their clients.
  • In addition to Datto’s extensive Knowledge Base for common issues and education, MSP partners have access to an additional trouble ticket system for contacting support technicians. Your MSP will have a lot of the highly specific information about your Datto device, like serial numbers, that you may not have access to.
  • Depending on what level of service you receive from your MSP, your MSP may already know about issues you’re having, before you even contact them, and they may already be working on a solution.

So the next time you need tech support related to your Datto product, just give your MSP a buzz. They’ll know what to do.

Providing Business Continuity for Data Backup & Recovery Since 2000

Using Datto’s enterprise-grade technology, CorCystems Managed IT Services can protect your business data, ensure seamless connectivity, and provide secure file collaboration and endpoint backup. Reach out to us today to learn more about backup and security solutions for your business.