Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Avoid Disruptions and Minimize Downtime

IT Threats are rapidly growing in complexity. Hardening network perimeters and providing a complete security solution for all tiers of a network is essential for protecting your company’s IT infrastructure. CorCystems Managed IT Services can help by performing disaster recovery simulation and testing how your specific business needs can be curated into a holistic disaster recovery plan with ransomware backups capable of having constant uptime with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid storage options.

Protecting your company and its valuable assets from risk is our top priority. Our team works with clients in CT and in NY from Danbury to Stamford, White Plains to Bridgeport. Contact us today to learn more.

Security That You Can Rely On

Disaster can strike from many angles. It can be related to hardware or software, cyber-attacks, equipment failures, or natural disasters. At CorCystems, we have your back. We provide your business with end-to-end cloud and local server backup. For your disaster recovery plan, we’ll provide an integrated solution for all your specific data backup services, disaster recovery, and data retention needs. We’ll make sure your business runs as normally as possible, as soon as possible. This process includes planning, testing, and restoring operations.

Business Continuity

Our Disaster Recovery Service can recover servers and even entire data centers. This negates the need for your organization to invest in additional duplicate systems. We provide flexible recovery time objective (RTO) options—combining short recovery times and high performance with the low cost, predictability, and accessibility of virtual private clouds.

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Our recovery options have helped businesses achieve maximum protection for years. Our team of experts has successfully helped dozens of businesses in Connecticut and New York. To learn more about our Disaster Recovery solutions, call us at (203) 431-1341.