Network Design and Installation Services

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Providing Your Business With a Reliable Network Design

Business networks are becoming increasingly difficult to install—think of all the servers, workstations, routers, and software involved. If you want to have an efficient, cost-effective network, it’s wise to go with a team of IT professionals like us who can understand all the nuances.

Allow our specialists in network design and installation to handle the process for you. You can rest easy knowing that our experts, with almost 20 years of experience, are supporting your business. Our team works with clients in CT and in NY from Danbury to Stamford, White Plains to Bridgeport.

We Help with Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

Our experienced team of network engineers have helped install networks for many small and medium-sized businesses in CT. We also assist internal IT teams, such as those at larger companies, in re-designing or modifying their current network infrastructure

A Network That Fits Your Needs

A high-performance network that can scale up with growth is ideal for your business. That’s why we do a thorough assessment of your business needs and budget. Through that, we can properly equip your business with the exact network infrastructure you need.

We’ll be with you for the whole installation process, performing tasks—such as cabling, purchasing software, and creating network logins—as necessary until the project is complete.

CorCystems Managed IT Services’ Network Design and Installation can include:

  • Analysis of Business Needs
  • Network Design
  • Planning of Hardware
  • Hardware & Software Purchasing
  • Installation of All Cables & Connected Devices
  • OS Installations on Servers & Computers
  • Login & Network Configuration

Contact Us to Get Started

We believe that every business is unique and has different network needs. Thankfully, our network engineers are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.