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The CorCystems fully integrated meeting system for Microsoft Teams features the highest quality video fidelity with A.I. driven speaker tracking, crisp clear speakers and microphones that pick everyone one with crystal clarity, and seamless meeting controls.

Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration

Created for medium to large spaces, the Yealink MVC860 Microsoft Teams Rooms system offers an all-inclusive video solution that incorporates the UVC86 4K dual-eye tracking video conference camera, MCore mini-PC, and MTouch II touch panel. Furthermore, users have the option to integrate video conference accessories such as VCM34/VCM38/CPW90 array microphones and the MSpeakerII Soundbar with the MVC860 setup. This comprehensive package delivers an exceptional and native Microsoft Teams Room meeting experience, fostering effortless and intelligent communication, networking, and teamwork with both in-house and remote users.

CorCystems will expertly configure, install, and set up the Yealink MVC860 Microsoft Teams Rooms system to meet your specific needs. Additionally, our skilled team will provide hands-on training to your staff, ensuring seamless adoption and efficient use of the system to enhance your organization’s communication and collaboration capabilities.


The Yealink UVC86 features an integrated dual-eye 4K video conference camera, complete with a wide-angle lens for real-time participant detection and a PTZ camera to optimally capture each individual in a Microsoft Teams room. Experience precise and fluid tracking as attendees engage in meetings. Boasting an array of AI-powered capabilities such as Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking, and Presenter Tracking, the UVC86 ensures intelligent and efficient meeting experiences.

Flexible Options
Custom Audio Solutions

In addition to the video conference camera, the Yealink MVC860 system offers versatile audio options. Users can select voice pickup devices tailored to their Microsoft Teams room, such as the Yealink VCM34 microphone, VCM38 ceiling microphone, and CPW90 wireless microphone, combined with the MSpeaker II soundbar to address specific requirements.

multiple mounting options
streamlined connections

The MCore mini-PC is designed for flexibility and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a conference table in a Microsoft Teams room to accommodate various room layouts. Furthermore, all Yealink MVC II room systems feature the MCore cable management solution, which consolidates data and power supply into a single CAT5e cable, streamlining complex connections and minimizing the setup time for video conference equipment.

CorCystems’ experts will assist you throughout the process, offering consultation, configuration, installation, and training services. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your needs, tailor the Yealink MVC860 system accordingly, and ensure your staff is proficient in utilizing the system for efficient communication and collaboration.

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click once and share

Participants can effortlessly share content by simply connecting the Yealink WPP20 with a single click for wireless screen sharing, or by linking their laptop to the meeting via the USB-C or HDMI port. The Yealink MVC II Microsoft Teams Room system provides all attendees with the flexibility to select either wireless or wired methods for content sharing, catering to individual preferences.

Remote management

The Yealink MVC series, designed for Microsoft Teams Room video solutions, is compatible with the Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service. This platform enables remote management, monitoring, configuration, updating, and diagnostics of all Yealink audio and video devices, including video conference cameras and other video conference equipment and peripherals.

Yealink MVC860 Specifications

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