Assessments for Picking Co-Managed Service Provider

Assessments for Picking Co-Managed Service Provider

It’s becoming more common that businesses with internal IT teams are looking to partnering with managed service provides that have a strategic co-managed IT (CoMIT) solution. CoMIT is a management model that combines the convenience of an internal IT manager with the support of a managed IT service providers. A co-managed service provider can help be a proactive, reactive, and secure management partner.

If you’re looking to add a co-managed service provider to your team, learn more about the steps you should take. 

Audit Your Current IT Situation

First things first – you need to audit & understand your business’ current IT situation. Take account of all your servers, computers, network equipment, cybersecurity, software, and cloud applications. When a CoMIT comes into play, they’ll be able to determine what areas of your IT management have gaps as well as how you can expand your capabilities in the right direction.

Determine What Your IT Needs

After analyzing the status of your current IT situation, you’ll want to determine what types of managed services you require. Co-managed services can be different depending on the provider, so you need to be clear in what you’re interested in gaining. This can help you narrow down what CoMIT can meet your needs completely. 

You’ll also need to consider potential growth that your company may have in the future. You’ll need a CoMIT that expands outside of your current IT needs when your business needs change. 

Search for Potential Co-managed IT Partners 

Once you understand what you currently have and what you may need in a co-managed IT services, you can begin your search. Some of the most critical areas you need to be aware of can include: 

  • How wide of scope do they offer for their services and what do they not offer
  • Expertise in cybersecurity 
  • Find out what tools and equipment they use. Is it the most current? 
  • Determine how long it will take to set up co-managed services for your company.

All of these factors can be critical to your fulfilling your businesses IT needs especially if a change is required sooner rather than later. 

Openly Communicate with Your IT Vendor

A critical area to consider when choosing a potential CoMIT is also communication. This will be a provider that be working closely with your company, so it’s important to have communication be a two-way street. Ask potential CoMIT’s about how they communicate when issues arise, changes happen or updates need to occur. You should also determine if they offer 24/7 support. 

Find the Right Co-Managed Service Provider Today

Having a CoMIT model can help fill in the gaps within your in-house IT department. CorCystems is here to offer you 24/7, secured IT support. To get started with our IT services, please give us a call today at: (203) 431-1341