Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications

In today’s business world, reliable, fast, and secure communication is critical. Having a unified communication (UC) strategy can help ensure that your organization has a hold on both internal and external communications. 

Having unified communications within your business organization helps support consistency across all devices and locations. All workers regardless of location or device type can have the option to make instant messages, video calls, voice, or conference calls inside the same interface. This is a great way to collaborate efficiently and productively within your team. 

Here are a few more ways that a UC can help you accomplish your business goals. 

Offers Unique Features 

Having UC can help your workers be more secure and connected even on the go. You don’t need to have separate services that offer instant messaging, online meetings, or conferencing. Everything is built inside one service that’s easy to use and collaborate with other team members. Other systems may even have SMS texting, file sharing, or voicemail transcription. 

Improved Connectivity

Even if you have had a bad experience with a well-known VoIP service in the past, you shouldn’t be worried to move to a unified communications setup. UC’s can provide advanced routing technology such as SD-WAN which provides Quality of Service (QoS) or failover for single and multiple locations. 

Supporting Virtual Offices

For many of us, going to work doesn’t necessarily mean visiting a physical office. With the help of managed cloud services and apps, virtual companies are popping up everywhere around the world. UC provides your team with the ability to access a full suite of vital communications tools essentially anywhere. 


The most important part of having a virtual office is having the ability to effectively support your mobile team. With UC, you can easily collaborate from a mobile phone or tablet. Utilizing UC solutions can enable your team to integrate a dynamic environment and have access to true collaboration wherever they are. 

UC-as-a-Service (UCaas)

For many small to medium-sized businesses, your focus needs to be on growing your organization and less about your communication infrastructure. Because UCaaS is always delivered in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about it being updated or obsolete. 

Find out More about UC for Your Business 

Unified Communications can be used across all types of businesses some including finance, retail, legal or higher education. If you’re looking to increase your collaboration and productivity, contact CorCystems today to discuss your options: (203) 431-1341