5 Ways Cloud Backup Saves Money

5 Ways Cloud Backup Saves Money

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While cloud backup services aren’t the right fit for every company, there are real advantages to backing up to the cloud rather than using traditional backup technologies. Some of those advantages can be linked to your finances. Here’s 5 ways that cloud backup solutions can save you money.

There is usually no upfront investment cost for cloud backup

Unlike traditional backup, additional hardware (e.g. physical servers) is generally not needed for cloud backup solutions. Software licenses are also not needed. All of this makes it so that billing for cloud backup has consistent costs.

Scaling cloud storage up and down is cost-effective

To cover more data, all you need to do is update your storage plan. And scaling back down is as simple as downgrading the plan. There’s no hardware to replace or reconfigure. If your business is quickly outgrowing backup storage capacity, cloud backup would be a good option that addresses the problem and allows you to stay agile for the future.

With cloud, you pay for exactly what you need

In contrast to traditional backup methods, the cloud allows you to have a plan that matches your exact needs from day one. This is thanks to its ability to easily scale up—which is one of the weaknesses of traditional backup. Due to that weakness, for traditional backup the best practice is to get the hardware you’ll need two or three years down the road. However, that also means you’ll have paid for more storage capacity than you needed initially.

Operational expense tax advantages

Cloud backup is an example of an operational expense, and has the tax advantages that go along with that status. This is more favorable than traditional backup, which has a high initial capital expense and increases your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Further improve the integrity of your traditional data backup

Cloud backup can be a cost-effective way to further flesh out your company’s data backup plan. By using a hybrid data backup plan—containing both traditional and cloud backup solutions—you’ll receive the unique advantages from both methods. If you are currently using traditional backup methods, and are looking to do more for your business continuity, getting on the cloud is a cost-effective way to do so.

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