Employee Spotlight: The Dynamic Summer Internship Duo of CorCystems – Nate and Ben Black

Employee Spotlight: The Dynamic Summer Internship Duo of CorCystems – Nate and Ben Black

Summer at CorCystems has been nothing short of extraordinary, thanks to the fresh energy and enthusiasm brought in by our interns. Today, we shine the spotlight on two brothers who have not only been a delight to work with but have also showcased an impressive drive to learn and grow – Nate and Ben Black.

Inspiration Behind the Internship

Both brothers were drawn to CorCystems by their shared passion for technology. While Ben’s interest was piqued by his past experiences in upgrading computers, Nate was motivated by the ever-evolving landscape of IT. “With so many advances in technology, I wanted to dive into a field that’s always growing,” Nate shared.

Challenges and Growth

Every internship comes with its set of challenges. For Ben, the transition from personal computer building to understanding the intricate terminologies of IT was a learning curve. Nate, on the other hand, found the newfound freedom a surprising challenge. “At school, everything is structured. Here at CorCystems, I’ve learned to manage my time and decisions more independently,” he explained.

Memorable Moments and Projects For Ben and Nate

Both brothers have had their fair share of memorable experiences. Ben fondly recalls working on Junkboxes, which involved using Immybot and installing Windows. “It was a hands-on experience that taught me about setting up computers in the field,” he said. Nate’s memorable moment was a bit more intense, dealing with a security issue involving an off-boarded employee’s passwords. “It was a real-time lesson on the importance of cybersecurity,” Nate reflected.

The CorCystems Experience

When asked about their favorite part of being on the CorCystems team, both brothers highlighted the people and the learning environment. Ben enjoyed diving deep into the support desk operations and understanding how Service Technicians handle their tickets. Nate cherished the camaraderie, saying, “Everyone’s so kind, and it’s been great discussing shared interests like video games and anime with my colleagues.”

Outside the Office

Beyond their professional pursuits, the brothers have diverse interests. Ben is an avid coder, dabbling in Python and Java, and has a budding interest in investment. Nate, a drummer at heart, is currently mastering ‘Bulls on Parade’ by Rage Against the Machine and enjoys video games like ‘It Takes Two’ and ‘Hollow Knight’.

Dream Destinations

While both brothers are grounded in their work, they have their sights set on global adventures. Ben dreams of the serene landscapes of Switzerland and Norway, while Nate is enamored by the historical allure of Rome, Italy, and of course, the delicious Italian cuisine.

The Future of IT

Nate and Ben Black are not just interns; they are a testament to the future of IT – curious, driven, and ever-adaptable. As they wrap up their summer at CorCystems, we can’t help but feel grateful for the moments shared and excited for the bright futures that undoubtedly lie ahead for these two.

Here’s to the dynamic duo of CorCystems, Nate and Ben Black!