Client Spotlight: Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center’s Partnership with CorCystems

Client Spotlight: Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center’s Partnership with CorCystems

Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center: A Beacon of History

Nestled in the heart of Ridgefield, CT, the Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center (KTM&HC) is more than just a museum—it’s a living testament to centuries of history. Established in 1966, this four-acre historic site has meticulously preserved the essence of local and national history. Visitors are treated to a rich tapestry of experiences, from immersive museum and outdoor walking tours to rotating exhibits that offer fresh perspectives with every visit. The scenic grounds and gardens further enhance the experience, providing a serene backdrop for reflection and discovery.

With its primary audience being Fairfield County, KTM&HC has cast its net wide, welcoming history enthusiasts from across the state, nation, and even from international locales. Anchoring Ridgefield’s Cultural District, the museum has become a hub for humanities, drawing in approximately 10,000 visitors annually. Their diverse range of school programs, public events, and community gatherings showcase their unwavering commitment to education and fostering a deep sense of community engagement.

KTM&HC’s Renewed Mission and Vision

In an era where inclusivity is paramount, KTM&HC stands at the forefront with its dedication to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. Their mission goes beyond mere preservation—it’s about fostering an environment of learning and initiating dialogues that bridge the past with the present and shed light on its influence on our future. Their vision is clear: to evolve into a dynamic center of learning where engagement, curiosity, and critical thinking are not just encouraged but are the very pillars of its existence.

Distinctive Features of KTM&HC

What truly distinguishes KTM&HC in the vast Connecticut museum landscape is its unwavering commitment to sharing a plethora of diverse stories through a DEAI lens. Their unique approach is interactive, encouraging visitors to actively participate, co-create narratives, and engage in reflective thinking about how history shapes our present and charts the course for our future.

Recent Milestones and the Path Ahead

KTM&HC is currently navigating an exciting phase, spearheading two significant initiatives. The first, a reinterpretation project, is a bold step towards prioritizing marginalized voices and experiences, ensuring they are heard and acknowledged. The second initiative is a tangible one, focusing on extensive site improvement. This project is set to redefine the visitor experience, making the museum more accessible and visitor-friendly.

CorCystems: Strengthening KTM&HC’s Technological Foundations

Back in 2018, as KTM&HC was on the cusp of significant expansion, they recognized the need for a robust technological partner. Their aspirations were clear: to fortify their technology and communication infrastructure against potential threats, especially email hacking. CorCystems emerged as the perfect ally in this endeavor.

CorCystems’ Transformative Impact

The partnership with CorCystems ushered in a new era for KTM&HC. With CorCystems’ expertise, the museum underwent a technological metamorphosis. From ensuring seamless internet connectivity to facilitating efficient file sharing and providing top-notch email protection, CorCystems has been the linchpin supporting the museum’s burgeoning operations. Their role has been pivotal in ensuring that KTM&HC’s hybrid work environment remains cohesive, efficient, and effective.

CorCystems: A Benchmark in Service Excellence

KTM&HC’s journey with CorCystems has been marked by consistent excellence. The proactive approach, unparalleled service quality, and unwavering commitment of the CorCystems team have set new standards in IT support.

“Our experience with CorCystems has been transformative. Their impeccable service, combined with their deep-rooted ties to the Ridgefield community, positions them as an unparalleled partner for any organization. We wholeheartedly recommend them!”

Hildegard M. Grob – Executive Director

A Managed IT Collaboration

The collaboration between Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center and CorCystems is a shining example of how two entities can come together, leveraging their strengths for mutual growth. As KTM&HC continues its noble mission of preserving and disseminating history, CorCystems ensures they are technologically equipped to do so seamlessly.

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