Meet Izzy Shaikh – A Motorhead and CorCystems Champion

Meet Izzy Shaikh – A Motorhead and CorCystems Champion

Meet Izzy Shaikh, a dedicated member of our team at CorCystems. His passion for technology and helping others has driven his pursuit of a career in this field, shaping his role as a tech specialist.


A Passion for Technology

From an early age, Izzy was drawn to technology and its potential to help others. This passion paved his way into his current career and continues to be a strong guiding force in his day-to-day operations.


Rising to Challenges

As CorCystems continues to flourish, Izzy finds keeping up with changes and updates for our growing number of clients to be a challenging yet rewarding aspect of his work. His adaptability and the unwavering support from his team make navigating these challenges smoother.


The Joy of Helping Others

For Izzy, the most rewarding part of his job is easing someone’s day or aiding them in overcoming an IT obstacle. The satisfaction he derives from seeing someone get back to work thanks to his assistance is an unmatched feeling of accomplishment.


A Nurturing Environment at CorCystems

At CorCystems, Izzy appreciates the supportive atmosphere that encourages both personal and professional growth. He loves that everyone at CorCystems is committed to helping each other succeed and become better versions of themselves.


Memorable Projects: Championing Security

Currently, Izzy is working on a project to set up multi-factor authentication for remote desktop services for a group of users. It’s a testament to his colleagues’ faith in his ability to handle such important tasks, which adds to his sense of fulfillment.


A Strategic Approach to Problem-Solving

When it comes to problem-solving, Izzy’s method involves first determining if the issue is familiar. If not, he conducts thorough research to find a solution. If this fails, he leans on the collective knowledge of his team. After resolving the issue, he ensures to document the process for future reference.


Life Outside Work

In his free time, Izzy enjoys playing basketball, hiking, and spending quality time with his family.


Living by a Powerful Motto

Izzy’s personal motto is a profound reflection of gratitude: “Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate the blessings they already have.”


Exploring the World

Izzy’s bucket list travel destinations include New Zealand, Brazil, and Egypt, reflecting his love for exploring diverse cultures and landscapes.


Hidden Talents and Interests

An unexpected talent of Izzy’s is his impressive memory. Besides this, he has a passion for cars and loves watching anime, adding a unique dimension to his interests.

We’re proud to have Izzy as a part of the CorCystems family, where his commitment to technology, problem-solving skills, and drive to help others contribute significantly to our ongoing success.