Meet Nicole Baptista: Blending Technology Passion and Customer Service Expertise at CorCystems

Meet Nicole Baptista: Blending Technology Passion and Customer Service Expertise at CorCystems

We’re excited to introduce you to Nicole Baptista, the dynamo leading Service Delivery at CorCystems. Combining a passion for technology with her impressive customer service background, Nicole discovered a perfect balance of her skills in her role at CorCystems.


The Intersection of Technology and Customer Service

A lifelong interest in technology and extensive experience managing electronic retail stores sparked Nicole’s journey into her current role. She seized an opportunity to work at an MSP and quickly realized it was an excellent match for her unique blend of skills and interests.


Meeting Challenges Head-on

In her role as Senior Manager of Service Delivery, Nicole faces the challenge of dedicating adequate time to each technician and department. At CorCystems, each team’s success is dependent on the seamless cooperation of others, making unified direction crucial. Despite this, Nicole revels in the challenge, ensuring each cog in the machine works harmoniously for maximum efficiency.


The Rewards of a Job Well Done

For Nicole, one of the most rewarding aspects of her work is witnessing the positive reviews about her technicians on Google. Knowing her service team’s dedicated efforts to transform negative end-user experiences into positive outcomes are acknowledged is a significant motivator.


A Collaborative Culture

Nicole appreciates CorCystems’ environment that values employees’ opinions, suggestions, and ideas. She believes the company’s practice of ensuring every voice, regardless of their position, is heard is truly empowering.


Memorable Accomplishments: A Focus on Security

Among Nicole’s notable accomplishments is implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) for nearly all CorCystems’ clients within a week. This massive task was completed with minimal fallout, thanks to effective communication, teamwork, and putting clients’ security first, especially during the early days of the Covid pandemic.


A Collaborative Approach to Problem-Solving

Nicole’s approach to problem-solving is built on collaboration. She enjoys convening “round table discussions” or a “meeting of the minds” to brainstorm solutions to challenging issues. This collaborative effort allows for diverse perspectives, often leading to innovative solutions.


Life on Wheels: Nicole’s Hobbies

Outside of work, Nicole has a penchant for any activity involving wheels and no motor – be it longboarding, bike riding, or roller skating. She’s also an avid hiker and enjoys landscaping.


Words to Live By

Nicole’s personal motto aligns with a profound quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


Bucket List Destinations

Nicole dreams of traveling to Thailand and the Maldives, destinations that feature prominently on her bucket list.

Nicole in the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas
Nicole in Stockholm

A DIY Enthusiast and New Homeowner

Nicole’s hidden talent lies in her hands-on approach and passion for DIY projects. Always eager to learn new skills, she prefers being self-reliant and not depending on others in a pinch. Her recent journey into homeownership provides the perfect testing ground as she takes on various projects around her new home.

We’re grateful to have Nicole as a part of the CorCystems family, where her tech-savvy skills, dedicated customer service, and enthusiasm contribute to our daily operations and overall success.