Is Your Healthcare Facility Prepared for a Disaster?

Is Your Healthcare Facility Prepared for a Disaster?

When disaster strikes, medical groups along with their staff play a key role in emergency response efforts. Natural or human made disasters usually occur in severity, with very little warning, so it’s crucial that your facility stays prepared in all aspects, including your IT.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place to protect patients is a huge priority in the healthcare industry. To help you be prepared, here are a few tips on how to stay on top of your technology.

Prepare For Power Outages

Advanced planning and practice is necessary so that when an emergency arises, all staff and patients are prepared for it.

Losing power is always a huge burden, but losing power to your IT systems can result in a lot of disorganization. In most cases, facilities will lose internet, before they do power.

Internet connections are necessary when it comes to using credit card transactions, since they depend on other servers to finish off these requests.

Even if your healthcare facility loses power, backup generators are needed to keep the lights on and patients safe. Having a separate generator that is solely devoted to the server room and IT equipment is a good idea.

Your backup power should keep the server going, as well as at least one front desk computer. This will allow you to process credit card transactions, and keep things running smoothly.

Continue To Communicate

There should be constant communication between the hospital, staff and incident command centers in times of disaster.

The role of IT in emergency situations is to connect, inform and ultimately save the lives of those impacted. Basic communication throughout all services is an impactful form of aid that notifies people with important resources for survival.

By staying in communication with one another during tragic events, your healthcare facility is able to quickly deliver life-saving information to first responders.

Monitor Your Phone Lines

During a disaster it’s important for the staff and patients in your healthcare facility to be able to make and receive calls via phone.

Being proactive with your phone lines and re-routing them ahead of time is a good idea so you won’t have to worry about this later on. When disaster strikes, you’ll want to save as much time and energy as possible.

We Can Help

CorCystems Inc wants you to take the proper IT steps now in order to prepare for an emergency in the future. This will benefit your healthcare facility and all of those involved, for when a disaster actually occurs.

We can provide you with the necessary services, to ensure that your healthcare facility stays running at all times during a time in need. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us today! (203) 431-1341.