The Value of Microsoft Teams for Remote Collaboration

The Value of Microsoft Teams for Remote Collaboration

During this time, CorCystems, Inc. has been benefiting greatly from using Microsoft Teams, a collaborative business tool that allows for consistent communication and collaboration between team members who are working remotely or across the globe. Find out more about how Microsoft Teams can be beneficial to your workplace.

Company-Wide Chat

The core messaging functionality of Microsoft Teams is the chat functionality. This platform allows you to have one-on-one chats, screen shares, and collaborative team chats all in a single interface.

While some compare the functionality to Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams has a few key features that differentiate it from the rest. This includes the ability to add another person to the chat and share your conversation history with them, or you can choose to add a new participant without sharing previous chat history. 

Integration with Other 365 Applications

Microsoft Teams doesn’t restrict you to just the chat or communication functionality – you can bring in any Office 365 application to increase your team’s productivity. Every team member can view the same Word document, Excel spreadsheet or OneNote document while you seamlessly communicate about the content.

Microsoft Teams provides you with the ability to add third-party tools into your channels. For example, you can add platforms like Trello, Google Drive or Dropbox. Here is a list of the full integration apps you can add to your Teams.

Files Search, Backup & Collaboration

Each channel on Microsoft Team has its own file storage, and you don’t have to scroll through all of the channels to find old files. Instead, Microsoft will back up your files, and even if you delete an entire channel, the file will still remain stored in a SharePoint file.

Working in Real-Time

Chatting in real-time with your team members rather than going back and forth between emails or separate chats can decrease your productivity. And you can work on files in real-time without leaving a chat.

Increased Productivity and Collaboration

Using traditional email to facilitate your group projects can be difficult. Along the way, you may lose critical information in threads or team members may be left out of key points because they weren’t cc’d on an email. Using Microsoft Teams can help increase your business’ productivity and collaboration From the chat options to the

Office 365 integrations and other platforms, your team can easily reach solutions faster and develop better plans of action. Whenever a new team member joins into a project, they will also have access to all previous conversations and have access to project-related files.

Need Help Setting Up Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a helpful platform that can bring value to your organization. CorCystems, Inc. can help you set up your Microsoft Team account and help you navigate the platform. To get started, give our office a call today at (203) 431-1341.