Why You Need an IT MSP for Your Manufacturing Business

Why You Need an IT MSP for Your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing operations rely heavily on IT and having an experienced managed service provider (MSP) oversee your cybersecurity and network efficiency is irreplaceable. Proprietary client information like schematics, blueprints, and design specifications are regularly passed back and forth between US manufacturers and any of their employees or vendors. MSPs who have worked in the manufacturing industry understand the unique challenges you face and how to create systems that keep your operations up and running. Here are a few reasons why having an outsourced MSP is beneficial for manufacturing technology. 

Designing Efficient Networks

The last thing a manufacturer needs is downtime, especially from network outages or interruptions. An MSP can help you design an efficient network that allows fits effortlessly between your entire team – from the shop floor to the vendors. With the help of backup and disaster recovery, your MSP can also help negate any issues that may occur during a natural disaster, power outage, or ransomware instrusions.

Improved Cybersecurity

A data breach or hack can have a devastating impact on the productivity of your business and bottom line. Some of the most common cybersecurity risks can include email phishing, spam, and identity theft.

What can also make manufacturers more vulnerable is relying on older software and machines in your production line. Having outdated equipment doesn’t allow for updated security protection, leaving you more open to attacks. An MSP can help you update your technology interface both safely and securely. They can also detect suspicious activity and respond quickly to any cyberattacks, and they can provide recommendations on what software and hardware will help you run your operations smoothly.

Less Work for Your Internal IT Team

If you have an internal IT team, you can still greatly benefit from the help of a managed service provider. Your team can focus more on important business initiatives and building a competitive advantage against your competition, while an MSP helps create a robust, reliable infrastructure for your business.

Find the right MSP for Your Team

When you add an MSP to your team, you’re gaining a partner who can help provide expert guidance on the efficiency and security of your systems. At CorCystems Managed IT Services, we specialize in IT for the manufacturing industry, and we understand the IT challenges you face on a daily basis, and we have the solutions you need. Get in touch with us today by calling our office: (203) 431-1341