20 Years of Tech: TVs Then & Now

20 Years of Tech: TVs Then & Now

It’s time for another 20-year tech from CorCystems! In celebration of our 20 years of service, we’re taking the time to look back at all types of technology that’s emerged in the past two decades. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, television has played a major role in society, and it’s been used to inform, educate and entertain since the first TV back in 1927. 

Let’s take a look back into how TV has developed since the year 2000, how much it costs and how it has evolved.

TVs Back in 2000

Throughout the early 2000s, CRT televisions were still extremely popular. These types of TVs had thick glass for the screen, a low back (couldn’t be hung on a wall) and weighed anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds. They were inexpensive and could access HD channels using a converter box. 

During this decade, flat-screen TVs were also emerging in the market due to the compact size and superior picture. The technology during the 2000s also helped produce televisions at a rapid rate, allowing for the evolution of increasing screen sizes and better viewing experience for all. We were also introduced to the superior LED TVs that completely disregarded plasma or LCD televisions. Around this time, TVs were also becoming increasingly smart. HD TVs provided the ability to display content from a computer as well as connect to different services on the internet. 

TVs in 2020

We started 2010 with the best combination of technology that money could afford. We were introduced to 4K, LED, 3D and curved screens became a premium feature during this time. The introduction of a curved screen was to reduce glare and improve immersion for a consumer.

It doesn’t end there. The more expansive technology becomes, the more advanced our televisions become. The year 2020 promises features such as rollable televisions that grows to the size of the content or application you are trying to access or even double-sized televisions. In today’s world, televisions can range anywhere from 55-80 inches, all different resolution sizes, and compatibilities. 

How CorCystems Can Help

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