The Rise of Hybrid IT

The Rise of Hybrid IT

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At CorCystems Managed IT Services, we always strive to serve our clients as effectively as possible. That often means changing with the times and expanding our offerings to include solutions that reflect the current environment.

With the enormous expansion of remote work during a global pandemic came serious security implications. In 2021, not many companies are simply cloud-based or just operating from their own data center. Instead, they utilize hybrid IT, which requires the merging of security and networking.

“Today, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to compute models. It’s now standard operating procedure to use hybrid environments, software-defined networking, and distributed computing. Security must therefore adapt to the changing network demands and configurations, but many traditional security solutions cannot manage this change. In this environment, security has to be delivered anywhere from any place, at any time, and for any device,” Tim Bove explains in Channel Pro.

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