SAN Design and Installation

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Are you looking to implement a SAN in your server room and need help with the process? Regardless if you have pre-existing server hardware or not, CorCystems Managed IT Services can help. Our team works with clients in CT and in NY from Danbury to Stamford, White Plains to Bridgeport. Contact us today to learn more.

We provide professional assistance with designing and installing your SAN. We seek to understand your situation and provide you with the server infrastructure that properly aligns to your business needs.

Reliable SAN Design & Installation for Your Business

There are many aspects that go into designing and installing a SAN (Storage Area Network). You’ll have to select and purchase servers, cables, fiber channel switches, and storage array hardware.

It’s no surprise, then, that many companies turn to an outside expert to handle this process. You can trust in our experienced team members who have designed and installed server infrastructure for countless businesses.

Advantages of a SAN (Storage Area Network)

If your company needs to store a large amount of data across multiple on-premises servers, a SAN may be right for you. Here’s some of the advantages:

  • Block-level data storage, which ensures robust transportation of data within the SAN
  • Hot-swappable components
  • Elimination of single points of failure (redundancy)
  • No restriction on the amount of data each connected server can access
  • Scaling up storage is made easy

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As a leader in managed IT services, we ensure that your SAN will be designed and installed properly.

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