Hospitality Industry Should Meet Its Guests’ Expectations

Hospitality Industry Should Meet Its Guests’ Expectations

What do you think about when you hear the term, “country club”? For some, member or exclusive might be thrown out. Your members attend your country club because they love the atmosphere, the socialization, the benefits, and amenities. 

As our technology revolutionizes, it becomes more and more important for almost every industry to be caught up with the latest technology. If your country club is falling behind on the times, it’s time to catch-up. Below you can read more about important decisions on information technology for country clubs and whether your infrastructure is matching the needs of your members.

Factoring in Free WiFi

If your country club does not have free WiFi, you need to catch up with the times. This is a must. If you’re still charging your members per day for WiFi, you’re most likely pushing them away.

Differentiating You From Competitors 

In this day and age, slow WiFi can be deadly, especially for business. Providing free, fast and secure WiFi for members can be a significant advantage for your country club. Not only is it imperative to have free resources for your members, but it’s also expected. 

Increase Customer Tracking

While free WiFi is a benefit to your customers, it also benefits your business in a number of different ways. While you’re able to control the network connection, you can also prompt members to visit your website, where you can collect customer data. You can also ensure that members are aware of specials, add-ons or other services at the club. 

They Will Spend More Time at Your Business

As many as 62% of businesses report that customers will spend more time at their facility if WiFi is offered. While they stay longer, they’ll likely encourage family or friends to spend more time at your facility as well. 

Operating in the Cloud

In reality, cloud computing is already a large part of the industry, seeing that it’s a standard operating procedure. If you’re still using a hardware-based IT system, it may be time to switch. 

Working in the cloud gives you flexibility. You can scale your services to fit your business’ needs and do it from anywhere. Cloud computing also reduces your operational costs and gives beneficial security to you and your members. This is because of your information and your customers’ information is stored remotely and securely, and this helps to reduce the chance of critical data being lost in a national disaster or if the network crashes. 

Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure 

In the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction is your main priority. In this day and age, members want to have the latest and greatest technology and hardware-based infrastructures are falling behind. Upgrade the WiFi and IT at your country club today with the help of CorCystems. Find out more about what we can assist you with by calling our office at (203) 431-1341.